Michael Beek

I am an alumnus of The University of the West of England, from which I graduated in 2004 with a degree in Cultural and Media Studies.

My tutors often commented on the ‘journalistic style’ of my essays – and usually marked me down for it! ¬†Lesson learned he went onto to pen his final year dissertation: ‘Composer as Auteur: Applying Theories of Authorship to Film Composers’.

I had developed a fascination with, and passion for, film music at a young age and so writing about it seemed a logical choice. It was around the same time that I happened upon a copy of ‘Music from the Movies’ Magazine in HMV on London’s Oxford Street. The notion that there was a whole journalistic field devoted to film music surprised and excited me and so I made contact.

Some time later I began work as Editorial Assistant and in October 2003 wrote my first piece for the website and magazine (‘David Arnold Conducts!’). ¬†Going on to contribute reviews for the website, as well as the occasional article, I became a regular presence. At the beginning of 2006 I took over from Mikael Carlsson as Chief Correspondent and then in 2008 became the Web Editor. In 2009 I became the Editor of the new-look Music from the Movies.com, published by Music from the Movies Media USA, before hanging up my Editor’s hat in 2010.

I write on a freelance basis and have had the pleasure of contributing written material for numerous CD album liner notes, concert programmes and scripts. I began my own blog in February 2009 called BeekBlog through which I continue to comment, report and muse on all things film music, and more besides.

In 2011 I produced my first album, with award-winning film and television composer Debbie Wiseman. ‘Piano Stories’ was released by Warner Classics in September 2011.